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Volleyball Club is a Big Hit

Sophomore John Kubat is the first Creighton Prep student to create a volleyball club … and it’s a hit. Kubat created the club to allow he and his friends to train for cross country, while also having fun.

“It came up during cross country, because we got annoyed with running. I just decided to make it as kind of a replacement for running,” Kubat said.

Volleyball can help burn some energy while also adding a way to hang out with friends during school.

“[The Volleyball Club] provides a good time with your friends. You can in school or class, but you’re learning and it’s not the best time,” said Charlie Knust, a member of the volleyball club. “It’s a sport during Community Period where you can get all together and have a good time.”

Kubat was expecting around four to six teams to join the club, much less than the current sixteen teams. Despite it being very large, it only took a few people to start the club.

“I pretty much did it myself. There are two other kids who help me, Sammy Ramirez and Daniel Schatz, they help set up the volleyball nets,” Kubat said.

The Volleyball Club was created for students to have fun while getting exercise, but there is still competition.

“We do keep track of the records, Mr. Dan Kennedy and I do that,” Kubat said. “I think it’s very competitive for a club. We are planning on doing a tournament with a possibility of a gift card from Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers for the winner.”

The competitiveness is a big part in the club, but that doesn’t stop students from having fun.

“My favorite part is that I can go there to play with my friends and have a good time,” said Knust.

The rules are slightly different than those of an actual volleyball match.

“We’re playing best two out of three to 15. Other than that, it’s relativity the same,” Kubat said.

To keep the games fair, Kubat has created a method of organizing the games.

“I’ve divided it into underclassmen vs. underclassmen and upperclassmen vs. upperclassmen, just so that the competitive levels are the same,” Kubat said. “But when it comes down to the tournament it’s going to be everybody for themselves.”

Since the underclassmen consist of freshmen and sophomores, there is somewhat of a rivalry.

“You get matched with some sophomores throughout the year, but that’s what makes it fun,” Knust said. “It’s a bigger rivalry than kids your age.”

With a great following, a huge community, and a bright future, it’s safe to say that the Volleyball Club will return.

“I think the club has a potential to make a comeback next year, and even have more participants,” Kubat said.

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