Jay Journal

  • April 26th- No School(BASH setup)
  • April 18-22 No School(Easter Break)
  • April 12th- Rosary For Prep(3-3:40pm)
  • April 11th- 8:35am Late Start
  • April 5th- No School(Junior Encounter)
  • April 4th- Early Dismissal(Sophomore Conversation)
  • March 29 Bro-Ha-Ha (7:30pm-10:30pm)
  • March 29 No School(Senior Retreat)
  • March 20 8:35am Late Start

History of the Prep Houses

Anthony Kowal, Staff

April 17, 2019

    Kanne, Neiman, Hindelang, Auer, and Laughlin houses have played a major role in the everyday Prep student's life since around 2009. Prep wanted to emulate other Jesuit high schools by introducing a block sc...

PHOTOS: Varsity Wrestling

PHOTOS: Varsity Wrestling

December 12, 2018