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Meet Coach Barton

Jake Sobczyk, Jay Journal Staff

Strength coach Dan Barton is quite well-known around Creighton Prep. Barton has done a lot for the Prep community by sharing his passion for weightlifting with students at the school.

His passion for lifting started when he was 12, when he received a set of weights for Christmas.

“I have been fascinated with strength training ever since,” Barton said.

Barton first came to Prep in 2000. Before that he worked at the collegiate level as a strength and conditioning coach for three different schools including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under Boyd Epley, who is widely known as one of the best strength and conditioning coaches of all time.

“Working at Husker Power was instrumental to my growth in strength and conditioning, it was awesome being in that environment and enabled me to accomplish a lifelong dream,” Barton said.

A typical day for Barton includes teaching classes during the day, then supervising the weight room after school.

Barton teaches three classes that range from weightlifting techniques and nutritional values to students designing their own program.

“Being in the weight room is preaching and instilling a lifelong activity,” Barton said. “The weight room gives a young person confidence and self esteem and those two aspects are going to transfer to all areas of their life.”

When he is in the weight room, Barton’s most important job is making sure everyone is safe.

“I like to make sure that everyone is safe and giving them some direction after school,” Barton said.

Few know that Barton used to coach freshman football as the defensive coordinator. He also has another job outside of Prep in which he runs his own training facility for Omaha area high school athletes, as well as the general population. Barton also loves the outdoors; his favorite thing to do in his free time is fishing.

Barton loves teaching kids and is inspired to keep coaching by his students that learn and apply what he teaches them.

“Seeing young people learn and use the advice and direction that you try to instill on them, and it’s awesome seeing that lightbulb finally come on,” Barton said.

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