Prep Will Add Learning Commons to Benefit Students

Nathanial George, Jay Journal Editor

Creighton Prep is expanding its grounds – and no, we aren’t talking about a football stadium. The Lannon Learning Commons will act as a counseling and commons space. It will also include expanded room for band, campus ministry, and art. Part-new, part-retrofitted, the 53,000 square foot addition is named after former Creighton Prep president Timothy Lannon, S.J.

“The Lannon Learning Commons is going to be a fantastic addition to Prep’s facilities that will accomplish a variety of strategic goals,” principal Jim Bopp said.

The Lannon Learning Commons will be a one of a kind multi-use building, catered almost completely to the well-being of the student population. Boosting Prep’s student support services hits home on the term “cura personalis,” the Jesuit philosophy emphasizing the importance of care for the entire person; the school is equipping students with the necessary tools to see themselves as not only Prep students, but as a full piece of the Prep brotherhood.

“It’s a one stop shop for all students to meet counselors and features a commons area where students can gather to study, socialize or relax,” director of communications Olivia Poggenpohl said.

The commons’ beautiful exterior, encapsulated by a massive bell tower, will benefit the aesthetic of Prep’s campus.

“The outdoor commons area will be a focal point for students to gather before and after classes,” Poggenpohl said.

The price tag? $16 million.

Scott and Cindy Heider donated half of the $16 million dollar cost, having faith in the benefit of extra student services at Prep. They’ll also lead the campaign to raise the remaining $8 million.

The addition is an homage to the students of Creighton Prep, as they are the main people to benefit. It will also provide needed space for various departments. It’s a win-win for students and staff alike.

“The biggest benefit of the Lannon Learning Commons will be how it positively helps students – helping them with a variety of services from a licensed mental health provider, counselors, academic coach, college counselor, etc.,” Poggenpohl said. “It will help students for a long time.”

The Lannon Learning Commons is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.