Creighton Prep Alum Helps Student Athletes Succeed

Patrick Dowd, Jay Journal Staff

Creighton Prep athletes have probably used Hudl to watch game film and make highlight videos. Hudl has quickly grown to one of the best programs to help teams and athletes and a Creighton Prep alumni plays a prominent role in their company. Adam Gouttierre, class of 1989, is the Vice President of Media for Hudl.

“My team creates the tools for athletes and teams to create and share highlights. One reason for creating highlights is for the athlete to use them to be recruited to the next level, whether it be college football or Premier League soccer,” Gouttierre said.

Hudl, a Lincoln based company, has become used by sports teams all around the world, but Gouttierre says that their company has a simple goal.

“Hudl is a performance analysis platform whose mission is to help teams, coaches, and athletes win. Our teams range from the Golden State Warriors to FC Barcelona to Creighton Prep,” Gouttierre said.

Gouttierre has used advice he learned from Prep to help improve his company and make it the best system for filming games and practices.

“Prep taught us from day one to ‘Ask Why,’ for example, to be intellectually curious.” Gouttierre said. “Hudl’s business moves really fast. If we are too slow or do not explore and understand how the marketplace is changing, we will fail our users, and could become outdated fairly quickly. We are always asking our users – why, why, why – so we can continue to learn from them and make cool things for them.”

Gouttierre grew up in Omaha and attended St. Margaret Mary before gaining admittance into Prep. At Prep, he made tons of great memories and was very fond of his experience.

“The camaraderie of the student body was so strong; I still feel it today. I also remember well Mr. [Greg] Glenn’s world history tales, telling jokes in Latin with Fr. [Mark] Niemann and Mr. [Mark] Haynes, and spending a whole semester on just one problem in Mr. [Dick] Flagg’s Calculus class,” Gouttierre said.

After graduating from Prep, Gouttierre attended Rockhurst University in Kansas City and then traveled all around the world working for various companies.

“With my Prep educational foundation of exploring, I have tried to work and live in new locations, which included Moscow, Washington, DC, Nicaragua, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Paris, and now back to Omaha, so my two sons get a chance to become future Prepsters,” Gouttierre said.

Gouttierre has worked very hard to get to the position where he is now, and his advice to Prep students is the same he was given when he attended Prep.

“My advice to Prep students is to always ask ‘why’,” Gouttierre said.
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