Intramurals Get a New Look

Ethan Buso, Jay Journal Staff

Intramurals at Creighton Prep are a great way for students to get out of the classroom, compete against each other, and relieve the stress of their school day.

A lot of students show up to the games but often times there would be two students from one house and ten from another, so the game would be cancelled.

“We wanted to take everything people liked about it and turn it into a new format which would eliminate everything people didn’t like.” Mr. Dan Kennedy, SJ, Director of Student Activities said.

In past years, students wouldn’t go for reasons like having homework or none of their friends are on their team.

“The success we saw with the volleyball club was a model to what we wanted intramurals to be like,” Kennedy said.

Volleyball Club was introduced in the 2017-2018 school year. In the club, students would create a roster and submit it to Mr. Kennedy who would create a schedule. Volleyball games were very well attended and students looked forward to it throughout the day.

“The difference between Volleyball Club and intramurals, is that we had more participation from upperclassmen than lowerclassmen,” Kennedy added.

IMLeagues is an app/website that allows you to create a league, add teams, and set a schedule for leagues. This may be what they need to revive Intramurals.

“Mr. [Bill] Kleber brought it to my attention, he told me that a lot of colleges use it, I looked into it and got us signed up,” Kennedy said.

Prep signed up with the app over the summer. They created a league and invited all students to create teams and invite friends. The schedules are out and students are looking forward to compete against each other this year.

“I was really intrigued by the fact that I get to play on a team with my friends.” Dodgeball captain Adam Gray said.

The hope is that, if successful, the new intramurals format will get high participation from upperclassmen, causing lowerclassmen to follow.