Prep Grad on the Omaha Airwaves

Patrick Dowd, Jay Journal Staff

“You are now listening to The Big Party Morning Show on channel 94.1” is a line that should sound familiar if you listen to the radio on your commute to school.

The Big Party Morning Show is a radio talk show on 94.1FM. Co-host of the show is Jeff Degan, a graduate of the class of 1990 from Creighton Prep.

“We have been doing the Big Party Morning Show since 2004,” said Degan. “There are three of us, Big Party, Molly, who does the show from Chicago, and me. I am a co-host so I am on air and I look for new content to talk about and line up interviews and stuff like that. We are a wide open show so we can pretty much talk about whatever we want,” Degan said.

The show is live every morning on weekdays from 5:00 to 10:00 AM, so Degan and his other two co-host have to be constantly looking for new content to use each morning.

“We pretty much scour the internet, like everyone else, and try to find anything that we think is topical,” Degan said. “It has kind of changed over the years now that everybody has apps on their phone where it used to be when we were bringing the news we were first to it, but now most people get the news real time, so we don’t always revolve on being reporters, we mostly focus on news people want to hear, whether it’s national or local,” said Degan.

Since 2004 when the show first started, the means of how you get information has changed greatly, so Degan and his co-hosts have had to adapt to the changes over the years.

“Back in the day, the radio used to have the jump on other people for news stories but now that’s all over the internet,” Degan said. “We dig the internet like you look for news but the best stuff is always your own stuff, like if you got your own story if you went to a movie or saw something funny, that always beats something in the news and it’s always relatable or hopefully funny,” Degan said.

Degan graduated Prep in 1990 and has many great memories of the time that he had here.

“I’d say all the retreats were a great memory. Freshman year was interesting because I was the smallest kid and was shy, so surviving Prep was a good memory, like not getting jammed in a locker,” Degan said. “All the smack talk of being a Prepster, especially in the cafeteria during a free period was always a lot of fun and the pep rallies used to be a lot of fun too” Degan said.

Degan’s time at Prep interacting with other students helped him greatly with his job now.

“The gift of gab and having a sense of humor that I developed at Prep, just being around really smart guys, everybody was really sharp and really fast. I remember how trying to be quick and keeping up with everybody definitely correlated to broadcasting of knowing what to say when to say it,” said Degan.

Jeff Degan’s time at Prep has formed him in to the hilarious on air personality on the Big Party Show, and he has a piece of advice for all Prep students.

“Stop and smell the roses, because it goes fast and before you realize it, it will be over, so stop and enjoy it.”

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