Prep Adjust to Construction Growing Pains

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Prep Adjust to Construction Growing Pains

Thomas Rusch, Jay Journal Staff

While the Lannon Learning Commons will be an amazing addition to the school, its construction is causing a few growing pains. These growing pains are especially felt by Creighton Prep’s faculty and staff.

Mr. Steve Monzu’s office in the counseling center has been hit particularly hard by the construction. Monzu lost the large window in his office, it was replaced by drywall.

“I really miss the natural light coming in,” Monzu said.

The drywall also causes another problem; it is not nearly as insulated as the window it replaced.

“It’s a lot colder … there’s more air coming through the wall,” Monzu said.

The lack of insulation also lets in fumes and noise from the construction. Despite all these problems, Monzu says that when construction is done, “it will be well worth it for the students to have the space they’re going to have and for us [counselors] to have a nicer space for students to meet with us.”

Campus Ministry is also dealing with construction. Their office near the Commons has been torn apart as part of the construction, causing them to move to room T-005. Campus Ministry’s old office will become a hallway into the Lannon Center. Mr. Dave Lawler’s first reaction was that the interim location is surprisingly quieter than their old office.

“It’s a much quieter space in here,” Lawler said.

The walls in T-005 have surprisingly strong sound isolation; even with a loud class next door they can barely hear it.

Mr. Kelly Barth said that he misses the sound from the nearby Commons and band room,

“The disadvantage is that we’re not as connected to the rest of the student body,” Barth said.

Barth and Lawler both miss the large window from the original office. However, they both agree are some advantages to the new offices. For example, the room has a much more central location in the school, and having a projector is great for showing videos to students going on service trips.

After the dust settles, Campus Ministry will have a brand new office. Barth said it’s all about perspective.

”It’s not the space that makes Campus Ministry, it’s the people,” Barth said.

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