Big Changes for iPad Program for Class of 2023

Miles Hay, Jay Journal Staff

Since iPads have been introduced to Prep, the 1:1 program has remained pretty

much the same. However, this upcoming fall semester there will be some changes for the incoming freshmen.


“We started from scratch and we looked at the pros and cons for the devices

out there, iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, Surfaces,” Media Specialist Mrs. Beth Ginger said.


Prep ultimately went with iPads as it felt is was the most appropriate for

assisting teachers and students.

“You can’t do some of the things to help students or teachers on a laptop.” Said

Mrs. Ginger.  For example, you can display the screen of an iPad at the front of the room.


The class of 2023 will now buy their iPads from the school with tuition instead

of buying them on their own. Each set comes with the iPad itself, a stylus, and a case with a keyboard. Students are still able to take their iPads home. As seniors, the students are able to pay a nominal fee to keep the iPads. The management system for these iPads have also changed. Instead of using Meraki, the freshmen will be using ZuluDesk.


“It allows us to put some parameters on things,”  Ginger said. “Maybe from

8:00 to 2:45 games are not allowed on your iPad and the management system allows us to put a timer on where at 8 o’clock, you don’t see them anymore, but at 2:45 when the bell rings, they’re back on.”


ZuluDesk will also make it easier for teachers to send documents to students’

iPads, and easier to display the screen on the projector.


Students will not be able to play games during school hours, but this is not to

punish the students.


“It will help with distracted behavior,” said Mrs. Ginger. “Our hope is students

will use this as an educational tool during the school day, as opposed to an entertainment device.”

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