Cura Personalis Area to Open in April


Sam Butler, Jay Journal Staff

The new Cura Personalis area, upstairs adjacent to the new Counselor Offices, is currently under construction and will be open by mid-April.

The Cura Personalis staff will all be getting new offices, and new classrooms and a hangout area will also be added. This new area will bring the Student Support Services members closer to the main traffic area of the student population and put them in close proximity to the other offices.

“I’m excited about getting an area with more space to talk with students and build friendships with students and being in an area that’s not far away from where the bulk of students usually hang out”, Mr, Allen Burrell, Prep’s Director of Student Advocacy and Outreach, said.

In addition to new offices and classrooms, a new student support services room will be available for bigger meetings and also doubles as a classroom.

“I am hoping for the opportunity to use all of the new space and the new Student Support Services room to help students better and to have meetings that can be in their own space,” Mental Health Practitioner Mr. Kevin. Kaminski said.

With the student support services members moving down to their new location, the existing Cura personalis area past the Skinner Chapel does not have any plans as of yet.

“As of now, the old Cura Personalis area has no plans but we might use it for storage or something like that,” Director of Facilities Mr. Kevin Flint said.