State Swimming Preview

Ethan Buso, Jay Journal Sports

The Creighton Prep Swimming and Diving team looks to take home their 14th consecutive state title this weekend. After another win at Metros, the team will again be the team to beat this year in the state tournament. The team swims in the preliminaries on Friday, February 28th, and they compete for the state championship Saturday, February 29th. Jay Journal Sports got the chance to talk with Coach James Justice and Senior Rush Clark to talk about this weekend’s state tournament. 


Coach Justice

Jay Journal: “Who are some of the swimmers to watch for tomorrow?”

Justice: “Rush Clark, Danny Perry, Ben Ravnsborg, Andrew Hood, and John Watson.”


Jay Journal: “How many guys are competing tomorrow?”

Justice: “We have 15 going down to state and we have 3 divers competing as well”


Jay Journal: “Are most of our guys swimming in the maximum four events?”

Justice: “Most of our top guys will be swimming in four events. Some of our younger guys will just do one.”


Jay Journal: “How many freshman are going to be competing tomorrow?”

Justice: “3, John Watson, TJ Nissen, Will Clark.”


Jay Journal: “Who are the top teams you guys will be competing against?”

Justice: “Westside is going to be our biggest competition, they beat us in a duel earlier this year but we beat them in the Burke Invite.”


Jay Journal: “How are you guys preparing the team for state?”

Justice: “We’ve been resting for the past two weeks, we’ve been working in mental training and focus, and stressing about getting plenty of sleep.”


Rush Clark

Jay Journal: “What would it mean to you to win a state championship each year of your high school career?”

Clark: “It would mean a lot because carrying the tradition every year of winning a state championship would be incredible.”


Jay Journal: “How have you prepared these last couple weeks for state?”

Clark: “By being mentally focused, tapering down, making sure every little detail is 100% for state.


Jay Journal: “Which young guys on the team have played a big role this year?”

Clark: “Tj Nissen, Luke Muse, and John Watson have taken over for what the seniors did last season.”


Jay Journal: “Is winning the state title more important to you this year than in previous years?”

Clark: “Yes because if we won this year, we would hold the most consecutive titles in a row because we are currently tied with Skutt.”