Multi-Generation Junior Jays


Luke Heck, Jay Journal Staff

Creighton Prep has been around for over 140 years. Families value the importance of a Creighton Prep education. For many, however, Prep is much more than just a school. Fathers and grandfathers are proud of the high school they attended, and want the same experience for their sons.

Social studies teacher, and Prep graduate, Mr. Greg Glenn. Glenn has taught here at Prep for 44 years, and has had the privilege of seeing the importance in a Creighton Prep education.

“I think it says something about the quality of our education, the quality of our community, and the commitment families make,” Glenn said. 

For a father, sending your son to the same high school you attended is a feeling full of pride and joy. This feeling can be magnified, especially, if a parent is also a member of the faculty. Theology teacher, and the parent of Peter and Jack Hoover feels that he is lucky to have had the opportunity to send his sons to Prep and see them throughout the day. 

“Tremendous joy, gratitude, and I see it as an opportunity that not many parents get to have to get to go to their work… and to see their children in the course of the day at their work is so unusual and such a gift,” Hoover said. “So it’s wonderful, I can’t believe how lucky I am.” 

Creighton Prep is home to a countless number of these multi-generation students and parents. Some teachers have had the privilege to be around long enough to teach for multiple generations. This can often prove to be an interesting experience for them.

Glenn teaches Native American History and World History classes at Prep. He is also the head coach for the B-team Bombers freshman football team. Glenn has been able to teach and coach both fathers and sons. He has seen first-hand the similarities and differences between a father and a son. 

“Sometimes it’s interesting because they can remind me of their fathers. Sometimes they’re totally different from their fathers,” Glenn said. “The first thing that’s weird is when I taught the sons of some of my classmates.” 

Attending the same school as your father is a great experience. Michael Dugan is a third generation student here at Prep and being a part of it’s community is an important tradition in his family. 

“Prep is very important to me and my family because there hasn’t been a person who hasn’t gone to Prep on my grandpa’s side of the family and it has continued to be a part of my life due to the aspect of the community,” Dugan said. “My dad is still tight with his Prep friends.” 

Prep has a wonderful history. Families continue to be impacted by the experiences they get out of Prep. It’s not hard to see the great community and family created by everyone who attends this school. Prep continues to positively affect lives after graduation, and that is one of the many key reasons why parents send their sons here. 

“The Jesuits have been central to our lives. But for me, I don’t say it is my life, but it’s a big part of how I find meaning in life and joy. I consider it to be kind of foundational,” Hoover said.