Mid-Season Report: Golf


Brendan Preisman, CP Sports Network

The last time competitive Class A golf was played in the Omaha area, the season ended with the Creighton Prep Junior Jays holding up the trophy.  The next year, however, the team’s chances to repeat were stymied, not by another team, but by a global pandemic.  This year, there will be golf and-the team hopes-it will have the same result as last year, with the trophy staying home at 74th and Western.  Coach Matt Rasgorshek and captain Rex Souillere explained why they think the team is once again title-bound.  

One of the biggest reasons the team believes that they can win is because of all the experience the seniors have.  Rasgorshek is trusting the seniors, who know how to climb the championship mountain, to help lead the team back up that mountain.  The seniors, especially Souillere, all have been in this situation before and can help show the underclassmen how to handle it.  Souillere especially thinks that his experience is key.  

“[The experience] gives us a little more respect and confidence,’ Souillere said.  

The 4 year starter is also very proud of the role he played in the team’s last title run, during which he chipped in on the 18th hole of the championship round to seal the victory.  

Of course, the new guys will also be playing key roles on the team.  There are seven new members of the team, and, according to Rasgorshek, the team needs “to know one another and trust one another”.  However, there’s also a major upside to having so many new arrivals: they’re all very good at golf.  

“I’ve really got a lot of talent in the underclassmen,” Rasgorshek said.

Because of the talent the young guys have shown, some around the team believe that this year could be not just a regular celebration but the continuation of an eventual dynasty.  

The major issue that the team will likely face is ensuring that they can play well together.  While there will be others, getting a good chemistry (especially in a pandemic) will be key to the team’s repeat hopes.  

“It will probably be coming together as a team,” Rasgorshek said when asked of the toughest challenge the team will face this year.  He added that the team is working towards that goal, though the lost season of last year will make that a bit more difficult. 

Souillere says that the key will be the team learning to trust each other and play their games, especially come tournament time.  All in all, the blend of experience and young talent makes this team appear well on its way to a title.  

It’s far too early to definitively crown this Prep team champions, especially when they haven’t even hit the home stretch of the season yet.  However, the ceiling of this team is about as high as any team in Class A, and everyone around the team seems to know it. 

“I think if we all just play our own games, there’s not going to be a team that can come close to us,” Souillere said, 

While Rasgorshek isn’t that confident yet, he knows how far this team can go.

“I think if the guys settle down and play the game they know they can play, the trophy will stay at 74th and Western.”