Jay Squad Gets Kids Involved


Luke Heck, Jay Journal Staff

Jay Squad is a program designed for students to belong and find a group to get involved with at Prep. Each group contains a mix of members from all grades. Being a member of a Jay Squad is a great opportunity here at Creighton Prep. There have already been many exciting activities and there are only more to come. We spoke to counselor Mrs. Rachael Gandossy about what’s to come from Jay Squads. 

The Jay Squad program is off to a successful start. So far, Gandossy is happy with how well the program has been accepted by the students at Prep. 

“I actually don’t think we had any expectations. I think that we went into it just hoping for the best and preparing to change as situations arise. I think it’s going better than we anticipated,” Gandossy said. 

Gandossy reminds us that members will continue to meet monthly and have more opportunities for leaders to take on some responsibility. 

“We have our monthly meetings and our hopes are that the leaders can contribute some of their thoughts on what they want involved in the meetings to make them a little more engaging too,” Gandossy said. 

If students are eager for more opportunities to get involved with Jay Squad, Gandossy said that there is a new program meeting quarterly coming soon. 

“We are working on a leadership-type program that is going to meet four times and offer some skill sets to be able to navigate tough conversations and have skills to lead others around you, so you can be a better leader for your community,” Gandossy said. “We’ll meet once a quarter this year.”

Gandossy feels confident with how much of an impact Jay Squads can have on the Prep community. She is hopeful everyone can find a place to belong through the program. 

“I hope that everybody feels like they have a place somewhere, even if they’re not in a club or on student council, or play a sport. Our hopes are that they find almost like a safety net, and have somebody else that they  know and can talk to in the hall type of thing,” Gandossy said.