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The student news site of Creighton Preparatory School.

Jay Journal

XC Finishes First

Photo Courtesy of: Prep Running Nerd

Through every drop of sweat, every mile run, every early morning practice, all for the single purpose of pushing our Cross country team to success. This year’s season was one to remember with our athletes defying the schools expectations. 

Creighton Prep’s cross country team battled through thick and thin this season to come out winning 8 out of 9 cross country meets they ran in. The team finished the season by winning the State Championship this October in Kearney. 

 “It was so nice to win the final at the state championship,” senior Owen Jensen said. “I know we didn’t win by that much but it was still nice to win.” 

Every varsity member had put in at the least 370 miles over the summer, which head coach Fr. Bob Tillman, SJ attributes to the team’s success this season. 

“They all put in a lot of hours over the summer,” said Tillman. 

With the runners putting in all of those hours during the summer it shows their dedication and how this is an integral part of their life whether it’s running for the sport or not.

When Owen was asked if he  will keep running after the season, he said this, “I will definitely continue running, It has just been a way of life I guess.” This shows that the people who run for the team not only run for the sport but it has grown to become a ritualistic part of their life. 

After Owen says will keep running, he shares his thoughts for next season.  He’s not too sure because all our best guys were seniors, but he believes Father Tillman can make things work.

“I am not confident [about next year] because our top 10 guys were all seniors and we all went sub 17 minutes, but then the next closest non-senior is running 18 minutes. So it will take some work but I think Father Tillman can turn it around. “

Coach Tillman is positive, believing that he is capable of rebuilding the team next year.

“Since these were all seniors this year, it’s going to be a rebuilding year next year,” Tillman said. “The thing that brought the team to its victory this year will be the reason next year’s team will need extra work.” 

Tillman attributed the success of the season to the work that the runners put in over summer break. Every single person that was a top runner at the beginning of the season was a top runner at the end of the season, so the roster didn’t change at all throughout the season. 

“If I could change one thing about the season, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Tillman said.

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